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VENDOR SPOTLIGHT: Inklings Book Store

VENDOR SPOTLIGHT:  Inklings Book Store
January 30, 2013

I love books.  I also love bookstores.  They kind of go hand in hand, don’t they?  I can remember peddling my bike down to the local bookstore as a kid, grabbing a novel, plopping down, and reading.  As an adult, I can admit my habits haven’t changed much, except for the fact that I now (usually) purchase my books instead of leaving tiny pieces of paper wedged between the pages for when I can come back and finish it, and admittedly I drive rather than biking (most of the time).  

Inklings Bookshop is just my kind of place.  They have everything from children’s literature to coffee table books, as well comfy leather chairs and a fireplace!  (Not to mention a Starbucks next door).   

One of my favorite features of Inklings is their ‘As Heard on NPR’ section, which features books that were recently talked about on NPR, (saving me the trouble of trying to write down an author or title while I’m driving), and the staff picks are easy to spot – just look for the ‘i’ tag.    

Looking for a quirky gift, check out the mustache pacifiers, silly buttons, and wacky game selection.  In addition, they always seem to have the coolest reusable bag selection, best smelling candles, and the hippest journals for jotting notes to scribbled doodles.   

They also have, hands down, the best selection of greeting cards around town!   From hilarious to sentimental, they are unique, high quality and totally personable.  

If the books, the comfy chairs, amazing cards, creative gifts, most helpful staff, and an awesome magazine selection don’t motivate you to check them out, go for the caramels!  

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