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VENDOR SPOTLIGHT: Johnson Orchards

November 19, 2012











Johnson Orchards is quite arguably one of my favorite places in Yakima; it’s also where I spend a lot of my time (the commercial kitchen we rent to make our caramels is located on site).   From the amber glow of the “Public Fruit Sales” sign, to the bins of seasonal fruit and friendly faces, this place never loses its charm on me.  

Copper Pot Caramels may have first taken shape in our home kitchens, but Johnson Orchards was the first place that ever sold our product.  I can’t complain when people refer to our caramels as, “Johnson Orchards Caramels”, it’s quite an honor to be associated with a reputable, long standing Yakima institution.  

It’s one of those places you take out of town guests, and one of the last stops you make before leaving town to stock up on what’s ever in season.  

If you’ve never been, you’ve got to stop by and meet ginger, the farm cat, say hello to Eric Johnson, buy a pie from some true pie artists (they have fresh pies and sweets available every Friday and Saturday), and stock up on the best fruit that will ever pass your lips (I might be a bit biased).  Oh yeah, and pick up some of your favorite caramels while you’re at it.  

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