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About Copper Pot Caramels

Colleda and Adrienne are the fantastic duo behind Copper Pot Caramels, a buttery delicious sweet treat that will leave you craving for more, really....

Made in small batches, and boxed in recycled cardboard, each batch is sampled and tested for quality: chew-ability, taste-ability, and flavor-ability.

The duo met in 2008 while tied to the daily grind behind a couple of desks. Instantly recognizing the odd number of similarities between the two: both have lived in Olympia, Seattle, Bellingham and Yakima, Washington, both have brothers named Ben born in 1975, mothers who both hail from Michigan, and each had bought the same door mat - really! So it was only natural that the two should be friends, quit their jobs and go into business together.

After many trying hours and burnt batches, the duo stumbled upon the perfect recipe - one that doesn't stick to your teeth (cross our hearts!), one that is rich in flavor and one that is so buttery, it would make Julia Child blush!

They both currently reside in Yakima, WA.


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